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This is the process that iEARN MovingVoices participants use to make their films. The process is scalable: it can be completed in a day (think TV news), a week, or 9 weeks (the length of the iEARN course), a semester, a year, it's your choice. You can click on each of the buttons below for more information about that stage of production, or you can download the entire document in .pdf (Acrobat) version for printing. Before you start, here is a list of the basic equipment for student video production.
Introduction Most professional filmmakers and television news journalists organize their "production" into three phases: pre-production, production and post-production. Learn more.
Plan on Paper The "pre-production" phase of the filmmaking process is all about developing the story you want your digital movie to tell -- and doing this on paper. This is an iterative writing and research process. Over the course of time, the film concept grows from a sentence, into something called "an elevator version" of a story, then to the four essential documents of television and film production: the treatment, the script, storyboards, and the production plan. More.
Record and Gather Elements This is the "production" phase of making a film or video: recording on digital video tape all of the elements called for in your script and storyboard. (As previously noted, some elements such as still recordings and music selections may already exist in digital form and may be imported into your editing software. Read more.
Edit Editing, or "post-production", is the process of turning your script into a reality in video by arranging and weaving together the audio and video elements called for in your script and recorded during the production phase. More.
Share How will the people in your school see your film? How about in town? What about the Minister
of Education's office? What about the MovingVoices Video Library? All these places might require
different versions and formats. Learn how here.
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